TyreON CTBA9 tire balancer

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Tire balancer for all types of rims and tires of buses, vans, passenger cars, motorbikes (with optional adaptor) and SUV’s.

The TyreON CTBA9 is available from the beginning of May

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Model TyreON CTBA9
Rim diameter 10 – 24 Inch / 151 – 610 mm
Width of the wheel 1.5 – 20 Inch / 40 – 510 mm
Max. wheel diameter 1000 mm
Diameter of the detachable shaft 40 mm
For rims with a central hole (shaft hole) of 40 to 135 mm
Measuring time 4 – 8 sec
Balance precision 1 (+/-) g
Rotation speed 220 rpm
Max. wheel weight 65 kg
Engine power 0,37 kW
Self diagnosis and self calibration
8 programs for aluminium rims
1 program for steel rims
Rapid optimization (OPT static system)
Voltage 230 Volt / 1 phase / 50 Hz

With arm for automatic rim width measuring
Top design with 17″ TFT monitor, interactive, multi-layer and 3D animation
Fast, simple, very accurate and no need for a rim gauge
Integrated distance measurement per ruler
Automatic input of 1-distance 2) diameter and 3) width
Measured values are displayed at pressing brake
Helper arm to pin-point and stick balancing weights
Split program for placing partial weights, also behind spokes
A heavy main shaft with a 40 mm clamping shaft contributes to the balancing precision
This 255 mm long main shaft facilitates wheel placement
With additional detachable 40 mm shaft
Reliable quick-release wing nut and pressure cup
Solid casing construction with wheel balancing cones within reach
Foot brake on the side of the wheel balancer
Heavy construction of the protective hood with decent spring mechanism
The wheel can only rotate with the hood in lowest position
Spacious compartments for balancing weights, tools etc.
The machine is powder-coated both outside and inside


Dimensions TyreON CTBA9 tire balancer



  • TyreON CTBA9 tire balancer with electronic arm, protective hood and 17 Inch TFT monitor
  • Reliable quick release wing nut and pressure cup
  • Set of 4 wheel balancing cones
  • Weight clamp, rim gauge and a spanner
  • Calibration weight (100g) and a set of balancing weights
  • The wheel balancing machine comes with floor anchoring holes


Delivery via truck with tailgate and pallet truck.
Delivery time 1-2 business days.

Packed on a pallet in a sturdy cardboard box, total weight 140 Kg

Verpakkingsafmetingen 96 x 76 x 125 cm